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The lack of  treatment for co-occurring disorders is sadly way too prevalent. Only 40 percent of those people living with dual diagnosis received any treatment for either of their conditions and only 5 percent received treatment for both of their conditions. Additionally more than 50 percent of people living with dual diagnosis did not receive any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment to help them with their mental illnesses and allow them to progress in their recovery

In multiple cases a lack of treatment can be traced back to a lack of information or a lack of access to resources for dual diagnosis help. That is where the California Dual Diagnosis Helpline comes in! We are here to help you find a dual diagnosis rehabilitation center provider in your area so you can get started on the path to a life free of mental illness and/or addiction today.

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an estimated 8 percent (17.5 million) of Americans over the age of 18 struggle with a serious mental health disorder. Out of this group, four million people also struggle with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Treatment for patients with dual diagnosis has evolved over the decades and the options for patients seeking treatment for co-occurring conditions have vastly expanded. The California Dual Diagnosis Helpline is built specifically to help individuals in need find resources for the treatment of dual diagnosis and start them on the path towards a renewed life.

  • Understanding dual diagnosis

    Treating patients with co-occurring mental illnesses requires specialized treatment. It’s very important to find a licensed treatment program that is specifically designed to treat patients with co-occurring mental health disorders.

  • The proper care

    When treating patients who have co-occurring disorders, it is imperative to find a treatment program that specializes in treating patients with dual diagnosis. By attending an integrative dual diagnosis treatment program, continued attendance at recovery support groups and individualized mental health treatment, patients struggling with co-occurring mental disorders can get the treatment that they need and deserve.

  • Case by case basis

    Patients in dual diagnosis treatment facilities will receive individual attention to ensure their condition is properly assessed.

  • The right diagnosis

    Many patients are misdiagnosed when they are active in their addiction. Evaluating a patient’s condition is most effective when they are sober in a treatment environment.

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California is home to some of the most well-renowned treatment programs in the country. Call today to find the right dual diagnosis treatment program in your area.

No one is alone in the struggle with mental health disorders or addiction. What is important is that those who are struggling with these issues find the right treatment as soon as possible.

California has become home for many who are now living the dream in recovery. It is home to some of the largest recovery communities in the world and the most well-renowned dual diagnosis treatment centers to date.

Here in California, the options for rehabilitation center are almost limitless. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, please call the California Dual Diagnosis Helpline at 855-980-1736.

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